What are the Best Herbs for Relaxation?

Stress has been the culprit for almost all kinds of diseases in this modern world and this has been documented by famous universities, medical societies and magazines. The good thing is that there are natural remedies that can counter act the effects of stress. There are supplements and natural physical techniques that can reduce stress and bring back the vigor to one's body. Here are some of the proven natural herbs and their effects to persons especially in relieving stress and anxiety. Chamomile is first in the list because it has been one of the most studied and researched herb with proven effects. This amazing herb has been related to ragweed and can be taken as supplement. The best form of intake is through brewing of the herb and taking it as a tea. This herb has been used for centuries to ease the mind and calm the muscles and nerves.

Those with sleeping problems have been able to benefit from this herb because of its sedating properties. Although mild, this sedating property has been advantageous for sleeping problems due to stress. There has been a research conducted involving patients with anxiety and showed that pharmaceutical-grade chamomile extracts taken as 220mg daily, have shown modest improvements in the emotions of  persons as compared with placebos. The patients were less anxious, less worrisome and have a more significant positive outlook in life. Another herb is the Ashwagandha which has proven itself for centuries in soothing the agitated mind. For more details about herbs, visit this website at http://www.ehow.com/how_2309791_grow-herbs-.html .

It is known as winter cherry and comes from the word Ayurvedic wisdom. The root of this herb have many active ingredients and they help us adapt to our environment even those stressful ones. Passionflower is another herb known to reduce anxiety levels, promote better sleep and have been tagged as an aphrodisiac in the ancient cultures. Lavender and kava are other herbs that have beneficial effects to stressful events. Lavender herb has some amazing properties such as its scent, it has been shown to put agitated babies in sleep and other calming properties, kava on the other hand can be used as a tea by brewing its roots to create a drink that is especially beneficial for calming anxiety.

It has sedative effects and may be used to treat social anxiety better than alcohol. Natural bali herbs are better than pharmaceutical supplements because they do not have the side effects that most medications have.